Fees and Scheduling:

Presentations/Public Speaking Engagements:

Clients are encouraged to discuss program needs with presenter to decide length and specific content of each presentation
      1-3 hours - $135.00 per each hour
      4-7 hours - Discounted rate of $125.00 per each hour
Clients are asked to pay for transportation (flight or mileage) to and from each speaking engagement, hotel arrangements when needed and are asked to provide meal allowances for services over 4 hours. Transportation and hotel arrangements are asked to be pre-paid upon arrival of presenter.

Therapy Services:

Potential clients are encouraged to call for a free 15 minute phone consult or email to assess the most appropriate therapy service.

  • Individual, Couple/Marital or Family Session - $125.00 per hour

  • Group Therapy - $60.00 per hour (per person)

  • Sliding scale available to clients with financial barriers

All therapy services are fee for service, Dr. Skeens does not participate in managed care insurance panels, however clients can request a receipt of payment if they choose to pursue insurance reimbursement from the practice accountant. Dr. Skeens does not perform any insurance/billing services, this is the sole responsibility of the client if they choose to do so.

*Dr. Skeens provides an annual percentage of pro-bono and discounted clinical and training services for those clients with a demonstrated financial need.

Intensive Therapy Modules:

It is recommended that the client meet weekly with the therapist to complete the sessions in a timely and consecutive manner since the material is presented in a developmental process. Each hour of specific modules is billed at $125.00.