Lisa Therapy

Dr. Skeens has twenty years of clinical experience providing therapy services for diverse clientele. Dr. Skeens is a generalist practitioner and also specializes in anxiety, trauma, mood disorders, ADHD, relationship issues and anger management. Cultural competence and sensitivity is a key component in treatment and Dr. Skeens utilizes a strength based, empowerment approach in her work. Therapy is offered to children, adolescents, adults and couples in a comfortable setting. Clients are encouraged to choose from the following therapy modalities:

Which method do you prefer?  

 *   Traditional Approach - One on one therapy in office setting, clients participate in a diagnostic assessment, treatment plan and interventions.

 *  "Intensive Module Sessions" ( 1 hour sessions that meet 1x a week for five consecutive weeks) - clients participate individually in an intensive, five week program with a pre-designed curriculum. Module sessions are best suited for clients who have already participated in therapy/have a self-awareness of a mental health diagnosis or life adjustment issues.  Dr. Skeens provides a free initial phone consultation to help clients decide on a suitable course of action. The following modules are offered:  

1.  Managing Adult ADD: Topics include social skills, motivation and focus strategies, emotional intelligence, reading and responding to social cues and enhancing intimate and family relationships.

2.  Managing Anxiety and Panic: Topics include: identifying triggers, developing body awareness, utilizing stress reduction techniques such as body mapping and progressive relaxation, and guided imagery.

3.  Post-Divorce: Topics include strategies for managing grief, methods of handling "complicated/conflicted grief," development of a personal goal implementation plan, reframing unhealthy thoughts and behaviors and approaches to developing insight for personal growth and development.

4.  Healing from Abusive Relationships (geared toward the client who has already left an abusive relationship):Topics include education on symptoms and effects of verbal, emotional and physical abuse, working through "residue" of emotions after leaving relationship, self-forgiveness, psychological healing and self-awareness training for self-trust.      

5.  Assertiveness Training for Female Teens and Adult Women: Topics include: assessment of communication style, confronting traditional gender role expectations, identification of intellectual, spiritual, emotional and social needs, and assertiveness skill training.  

6.  Creative Approaches to Manage Grief: (geared toward adolescent and adult clients dealing with grief from any issue such as - death, illness, divorce, job-loss, etc.) Topics include: Multicultural approaches to grief, identifying unique components of individual grief experience, strategies for managing grief, understanding dynamics of complicated grief, and strategies for long term healing.

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