Training and Consulting

Training and Consulting 

Services to teens - age 13-17

Helping Teens to Identify and Prevent Dating Violence

Research indicates that teen dating violence is on the rise. Relationship violence is not only physical, but consists of emotional, verbal and sexual abuse. Teens need to become aware of the signs and symptoms of dating violence so that they do not become victims or perpetrators of violent relationships. Teens also need to develop a strong sense of identity so that they are confident enough to avoid unhealthy relationships. The workshop presents new learning on how to identify "red flags" of abusive relationships, methods of interfacing with abusive relationships, how to develop healthy relationships, and methods to support peers who are at risk for dating violence. 

The workshop aims to meet the following objectives for teens:

  • Identify signs and symptoms of abusive relationships

  • Learn how to form healthy relationships

  • Develop a personal safety plan for dating relationships

  • Learn how to support at risk peers through attentive listening and reporting strategies  


Teens and Values: Identity Involves More than Career Exploration!

Adolescents are exploring their identities and making decisions about their future education, career and social roles. Society expects people to be successful, productive and service oriented, yet very little attention is given to youth on value assessment. Schools emphasize character building and citizenship, yet adolescents also need to learn how to explore their own values and develop intrinsic motivation for "doing the right thing." One of the first questions we ask someone in our culture upon meeting them is "what do you do for a living?"-not-" What do you value or what is important to you in the world?" This workshop focuses on helping teens identify the various stages of moral development and the environmental factors that have impacted their personal values. The workshop strives to help teens make a connection between understanding values and making meaningful contributions to the world. 

The workshop aims to meet the following objectives for teens:

  • Participate in an age appropriate values assessment

  • Learn about the stages of moral/value development

  • Gain self-awareness about how to apply personal values

  • Learn how to respect and incorporate diverse values of others

Topics for adults in multiple settings

 Please note presenter can develop other topics according to client/organizational needs

  • Recovering after divorce: coping skills and resiliency
  • Single parenting - self-preservation techniques
  • Starting points for connecting to a spiritual lifestyle
  • ADD/ADHD and managing relationships
  • Social Skills 911 - Basic skills in human relations and reading social cues
  • Surviving an economic status shift - developing new life strategies
  • Creative methods of managing anxiety and panic
  • Detaching from toxic people - minimizing the "power" others have over you 
  • Non - medical methods to reduce minor stress, anxiety and depression 
  • Identity-exploration as adults, how to assess skills, knowledge and purpose
  • Managing labeling and stigmatization of disabilities or mental illness
  • Pre-marital workshops: managing role changes and new lifestyles 
  • Gender communication challenges and creative approaches
  • Introductions to mindfulness technicques
  • Recovery strategies for verbal/emotional abuse