Dr. LisaDr. Lisa Skeens has been a psychotherapist, educator and national speaker for over 20 years. Dr. Skeens has knowledge in the assessment and treatment of mental disorders and also has vast experience helping people work through life stages and changes. Dr. Skeens does not view her clients as having ‘problems” but views each client as an individual who has strengths to overcome the challenges of life that we all face. Dr. Skeens has been praised over the years for her genuineness and humor-and her ability to engage people of all cultural backgrounds-including those of diverse racial/ethnic, socioeconomic and gender/sexual orientations. Dr. Skeens embraces a humanistic approach with a belief that humans have potential to grow through every life experience. She believes that clients are peers-and although she has the educational background and experience to treat her patients-believes that clients are experts of their own lives and deserve to be treated with dignity. Dr. Skeens has expertise in treating anxiety, depression, trauma and grief. She also enjoys couples and family therapy. Her training in family systems therapy enables her to help families and couples work through barriers and obstacles. Dr. Skeens also employs creative methods to help clients heal and grow-such as meditation, guided imagery and visualization techniques. Dr. Skeens has conducted research to explore creative, non-medical approaches to treating childhood ADHD, indigenous mental health care practices in Latin America and has researched mental health needs of migrant farm workers in the Mid-West. Dr. Skeens is also a certified hypno-therapist Dr. Skeens also takes great pride in her academic career as a faculty member where she has been a full time professor in Social Sciences at Capital University, Lambuth University and Ohio University. She has found it deeply rewarding to empower many diverse college students- including first generation college students, veterans, and culturally diverse adults to be successful in the field of Human Services. Her passion for teaching is also evident by her fifteen years experience as a national speaker at conferences, hospitals, corporations and agencies about mental health issues and research. Dr. Skeens has the knowledge and skill base to treat diverse clientele-however it is her genuine concern for people that makes her successful in her work.